This blog is a forum to start a discussion with medical professionals, yoga teachers, personal trainers and everyone out there who is suffering, has suffered and/or knows someone who is suffering from a chronic illness or injury.  Mine started in October 2008 when a chiropractor, uneducated in hyper-mobility, over-adjusted my neck leaving me with headaches and vertigo for 4.5 years.  My journey to recovery SUCKED, but has also been the greatest gift I could have received.  Sometimes we have to get knocked down to our knees with our foreheads shoved to the ground to make a change, to surrender, so healing can begin.

My meditation teacher, Steve Ross says, if we actually try to heal someone, we are potentially taking away their one and only opportunity to surrender to a higher power and if we do heal them, we, as healers, will take on their pain.

So, as my Osteopathic teacher, Guy Voyer, says it best… YOU ARE YOUR OWN BEST THERAPIST.” 

Please join me here so I and all of you can share what we have learned, what has worked, and did not work for the human body.  My hope is to bring together a community of healers and sufferers so that we, as a collective, can have a greater sense of awareness of your bodies, our minds and our spirits.  Please take what you want and leave what you don’t and decide for yourself how to heal.

 Best Wishes & Namaste,

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