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Bikram’s last and final claim is that hot yoga “dilates capillaries more effectively, oxygenating tissues, muscles, glands, organs and increasing the removal of waste products.

Due to risk of sounding redundant I am going to refer you to the following blog posts:

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The truth:  Yes, capillaries do dilate with heat. 

Does the dilation of capillaries due to extreme heat during a hot yoga class increase the removal of waste products: NO.

When your body creates too much heat, your internal regulatory system turns on so you don’t over heat in the form of sweating.  Your heart rates increases and blood vessels expand shunting blood away from the muscles, brain and internal organs to release heat.   Blood is diverted to the outer layers of the skin, releasing heat to cool your internal body temperature.

I am sorry to say for all those Bikram believers, the majority of his statements are false.  Without knowing him on a personal level I would like to believe Bikram had good intentions because he is well versed in the yoga sutras,  I do believe he has lead his followers astray.  If hot yoga makes you feel good and works for your body, then GO!  But be educated not ignorant about a hot yoga room, drink lots water and keep yourself safe while practicing.  And if you are hypermobile please know it is not a room for you and read the difference between looseness and flexibility and how heat affects your ligaments.

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One thought on “HOT YOGA: Dilates Capillaries More Effectively Removing Waste Products

  1. Hot Yoga just does not detoxify ….. our detoxification system is internal not external…. I think at best we can sweat .004 percent with hot yoga. It is more dangerous than any other yoga. Fads come and go …. Ancient yogic wisdom has lasted thousands of years!!!!! My opinion on Bikram …. ummm not yogic!

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