Scoliosis is not just a pathology of childhood, it can also develop from poor posture, such as carrying a heavy bag on one shoulder, and trauma to the structure of our spine.

Signs and Symptoms of Scoliosis:

• head is slightly off center or leans to one side.

• uneven shoulders.

• one shoulder blade is higher and or stick out further than the other shoulder blade.

• larger gap between arm and waist on one side.

• one hip is higher than the other.

• obvious curvature seen in he spine.

• uneven rib cage.

• difficultly with proprioception and awareness of where the body is in space.

• back pain, neck pain, vertigo

• painful menstrual cycle and/or heavy menses (associated with lumbar curvatures).

• chronic organ symptoms including the heartburn, GI symptoms, infertility, heart arrhythmias, etc…

What is scoliosis?SCOLIOSIS is a LATERAL and ROTATIONAL CURVATURE of the spine!

Scoliosis can compress the nerves that leave our spine and innervate our internal organs!

Scoliosis affects the fascial connections to our muscles and internal organs. (FASCIA is our connective tissue including adipose tissue, tendons, ligaments, aponeurosis, etc…)

Everything is connected!

How can you get diagnosed?
Unfortunately, scoliosis is not mentioned on x-rays. I HAVE NO IDEA WHY NOT!!!🤬 You can be diagnosed by a simple forward bend test! EASY!

ELDOA™️ postures will prevent further worsening on curves and can help reduce curvatures.

Specific ELDOA™️ postures are prescribed for every individuals scoliosis curves!

To find an ELDOA™️ trainer near you go to:

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