The spine fusion surgery is a beautiful & remarkable surgery. It has evolved to become better & safer over the years. Thank goodness for western medical technology because this surgery does save lives!

Scoliosis can be severe causing deformity and pain. Spinal Fusion surgery may be required for treatment and correction! My brother’s scoliosis was crushing his lungs. This manifested in difficulty breathing. His fusion from C7 – S1 allowed him to lead a normal life amongst his peers!

New surgery being performed in Korea…
Surgery my brother and most with scoliosis have…

Factors that influence the recommendation for surgery

1. Severity of the scoliosis: those who have curves 45-50° and greater.

2. Area of the spine involved

3. Presence of increased or decreased kyphosis.

4. Pain (rare in adolescents, more common in adults)

5. Growth remaining

6. Personal factors

The operation for scoliosis is a major surgery! The spine is fused to prevent worsening curvature. The basic idea is to realign and fuse together the curved vertebrae so that they heal into a single, solid bone.

The spine cannot be un-fused!

All changes in the spine are permanent. Any nerve root compression’s that are not relieved during the surgery will remain permanently after the surgery! It is common for the disc above and below the fusion to become compromised in successive years.

You are fused, now what…

Now that you are fused how do you protect the remaining inter-vertebral discs from herniation (bulging) & desiccation (dehydration)?

Guy Voyer, MD, DO, developed ELDOA™️ postures targeted to open up specific joint spaces. Each posture was confirmed via X-Ray.
We have to ability to protect all of our inter-vertebral discs that are not fused.

The reason this is so important… well, each vertebrae is normally floating in a sea of connective tissue. When the spine is fused, it becomes a column They are no longer floating. This puts undue stress on the both the disc above & below the fused vertebrae. The fused column is stuck, there is zero movement… this forces the mobile vertebrae to move more than they are made to move causing instability in the un-fused joints. The domino affect of this hyper-mobility will affect the part of the spine that is weakest causing compression. This is BAD!

ELDOA™️ postures practiced for your specific fusion will prevent hyper-mobility & degeneration of the un-fused vertebrae. 😱

My brother has shoulder & neck pain as a result of his fusion (C7 – S1). The C6-C7 ELDOA™️ will decompress the nerves that leave the spine that innervate his neck & shoulders. C6 – C7 has a broad horizontal distribution it traverses inferior from the CT junction across the superior aspect of the upper back to the posterior aspect of the shoulder & distally down the posterior aspect of the arm, forearm, middle and index fingers. It innervates the scalene anterior & posterior, pec major & minor, serratus anterior, subscapularis, teres major, latissimus dorsi, triceps, pronator teres, longus colli, extensor carpi radialis & ulnaris, extensor digitorum & quanti proprius, flexor carpi radialis, palmaris longus. Not surprising he has neck & shoulder pain!

ELDOA™️ postures can improve severe scoliosis curvatures. It will NOT cure severe curves, it may relieve compression from the curvature that causes pain and organ dysfunction. It can decrease the degrees of curvature! It may be worth it to try ELDOA™️ before you commit to a major permanent surgery or ELDOA before you have surgery to relieve some of the compression’s prior to surgery!

ELDOA™️ May or may not be a viable option for you or your kid! Do your due diligence… research all your options!

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