• Asana is a global exercise focusing in lengthening the spine as a whole unit to balance our central channel, our Sushumna.

• Asana focuses on the breath, specifically diaphragmatic breathing to activate the diaphragm which is imperative to lengthening the spine!

• Asana allows us to focus inward to bring together our body, mind and spirit, which is imperative to peeling the onion of our unhealthy behaviors, our Samskaras and Vasanas, to bring in healthy ones.


ELDOA™️ Postures:

• ELDOAs are precise self-normalizing exercises that create healthy tension on the fascial line to decompress articulations (joints) in the body.

• ELDOAs strengthen muscles along the back body and stretch tight or constricted fascia to create a normalizing effect amongst tissues surrounding the central nervous system, the spinal column, our Sushumna.

• ELDOAs target specific joint spaces to unwind the lateral and rotational curvatures creating space for our intervertebral discs to free the nerves (un-impinge) that innervate our internal organs and may decrease our lateral and rotational curvatures of the spine (dependent upon hydration and age).

• Specific ELDOA™️ postures are prescribed for our specific curves, every curve gets a specific ELDOA™️.

• ELDOAs improve our proprioceptive awareness by stimulating the sensory cells in our ligaments to transmit correct information to the brain so we can align ourselves healthfully and not dump into our lateral and rotational curvatures.

• The fascial tension created from the ELDOA™️ lengthens the collagen tubules to osmotically attract water in. Water is incompressible therefore maintaining the space & length the ELDOA™️ created.

BOTH Yoga Asana and ELDOAs have benefits for SCOLIOSIS. So why not try both and see which one resonates with you!

Try ELDOA™️  at my next virtual interactive Spine Therapy class:  SEE CLASS SCHEDULE AND SIGN ME UP!

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