I think it's time we set the record straight regarding cortisone injections for joint pain, including sciatica. Cortisone Injections are injected into: The epidural space. It is called an epidural injection. This injection targets the area around the spinal cord where nerve roots exit and extend to our muscles and organs systems. The area near … Continue reading CORTISONE INJECTIONS: HELL NO!

The Foam Roller: DON’T DO IT! It’s time to talk a FOAM ROLLER... I’ve had many discussions regarding the foam roller and Dr Guy Voyer finally clarified!🤯So, without further ado, I will present the FACTS, NOT MY OPINION, regarding BASIC PHYSIOLOGY of our connective tissue! FACT: Fascia fibers are made up of collagen, reticulin and elastin. Collagen moves water and … Continue reading The Foam Roller: DON’T DO IT!

The Silent Epidemic That Nobody Wants To Talk About

How many of us have been burdened with pain?  How many of us share our pain with others?  The crazy part about keeping silent is that we have all felt pain in our emotional, physical and/or spiritual bodies.  Pain can be felt in the heart, the stomach, deep within our bones and throughout the musculoskeletal … Continue reading The Silent Epidemic That Nobody Wants To Talk About

You are your own best therapist…

This blog is a forum to start a discussion with medical professionals, yoga teachers, personal trainers and everyone out there who is suffering, has suffered and/or knows someone who is suffering from a chronic illness or injury.  Mine started in October 2008 when a chiropractor, uneducated in hyper-mobility, over-adjusted my neck leaving me with headaches … Continue reading You are your own best therapist…