How many times have you walked out of hot yoga room with your clothes and hair soaked in sweat and your skin feeling as soft as silk.  You’ve go this sense of euphoria and feel like you have detoxed all the alcohol, processed foods and french fries out of your system?  I hate to burst you bubble, but you feel SO GOOD because dehydration can cause a sense of euphoria.  This brings me to another claim made by Bikram that hot yoga…

  • Detoxifyies the body (open pores to let toxins out).
  • Promotes sweating, which assists the detox process using the body’s largest eliminating organ, the skin.

liver_1Toxins are not released from the skin, they are released from the liver, the kidneysdepositphotos_11565166-stock-photo-real-kidney and the colon.  Sweat contains water, salt, potassium, ammonia and urea.  Sweating during a 90-minute hot yoga class does NOT release toxins.  It releases water, salt, potassium, ammonia and urea.  Releasing all that water leads to dehydration and water weight loss. 

The human body approximately is 70% water.  Most people can tolerate a 3 – 4% loss in body water without adverse effects.  With a 5 – 8% loss in body water, symptoms include and not limited to headaches, fatigue, dizziness and nausea.  Loss of over 10% can cause physical and mental deterioration.  Death can occur with a body water loss of 15 – 25%.  Dehydration (+heat) will cause hypernatremia (high levels of sodium (salt) in the bloodstream and hypovolemia (loss of blood volume) which can lead to heat stroke and hypovolemic shock.  Hypovolemic Shock is a life threatening medical emergency that will lead to multiple organ failure if not treated immediately.

Excessive sweating will open you pores but only the liver, kidneys and colon can detox!  More importantly, the kidneys need to stay hydrated in order to eliminate toxins from the blood stream… water, water, water!  Twisting postures detox!  If you want to detox, take a yoga class that focuses on twisting postures!   Want to detox, do a liver detox and eat healthfully on daily basis, drink water and stand tall.  A healthy gravity line (posture), strong abdominal muscles (transverse abdomens)  and a balanced pelvic floor will allow your liver, kidneys and colon function healthfully!



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